Sam Lake is a comedian, writer, and presenter currently on tour with his show ‘Aspiring DILF’ which includes dates in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We enjoyed the show very much during the fringe last year, so we caught up with him for a chat, in which he tells us about the tour so far, Lawrence Fox memorabilia, and spoils the bejesus out of Saltburn.

For those that didn’t see ‘Aspiring DILF’ during the fringe last year, can you tell us about the show?

Yes, it’s a show about how I met a friend at an elite UK university, infiltrated and destroyed his family from the inside through various and increasingly more sexual means. Then I murdered them one by one and danced around their mansion naked whilst listening to Sophie Ellis Bextor. Oh no wait, that’s Saltburn. Sorry. My show is about trying to become a daddy, the last respectable form of manhood, in my opinion.

How did it feel during the fringe when the word got out and the show started to take off?

Weird and wonderful. The good press just rolled in, much to my surprise. That’s not to say I didn’t think I had a good show, but there’s so many shows at the fringe you can never guarantee people will come to see it. So I feel very lucky.

You’re a few dates into the tour; how have things been going so far?

Well I’ve become very acquainted with every train operator’s delay repay processes, but it’s been lots of fun so far. I’m only a few dates in, so I’m still buzzing to go do all the dates I have left. Just a note though, if you’re a hen do and plan on coming to the show, please start drinking AFTER my show. I can’t go through THAT again…

Has the show changed in any way since the fringe, or do you believe in not messing with a successful formula?

It’s honestly such a challenge remembering the show in it’s entirety, I’d be mad to try and change it now. The great thing is men have continued to be problematic since the show debuted, so a lot of it still holds up nicely. And also, I was having such a fun time doing the show at the fringe, I really didn’t want to mess with whatever magic made the show work.

The show’s directed by Lauren Pattison. What has she brought to the show, especially one about masculinity?

I can’t say enough times how amazing she is. She is an outstanding stand-up, and this was her first time directing a show. She immediately was super helpful, she knew how to make useful notes and suggestions. She really helped me work out what the show was ultimately about, and she did that just from listening to some shoddy recording of previews. She also got a wagon wheel as a treat for finishing the fringe run. She’s the best.

Who are your positive role models? And is there anyone specific who you used to admire but have become the kind of toxic that you want to avoid becoming?

I can’t say I ever really looked up to any male celebs when I was little. I suppose I had all the Lawrence Fox memorabilia. I had his sticker albums, his action figures, his low fat grilling machine. So it was hard to see him get cancelled, as he announced on podcasts, national newspapers, on question time, on the BBC. I mean, how is supposed to get his message out now? I think the only non-toxic role model we have left is Paul Chuckle?

What is next for Sam Lake? Are you writing another show for the fringe? What are your hopes and plans for the near future?

I am indeed writing another show for this year’s fringe. It’s called ‘Esméralda’, and it’s all about a small mystery my mum left me to solve 14 years ago. WHAT A HOOK, AM I RIGHT? I also have a podcast coming out called ‘I’ve Had A Rosé, Let’s Talk About Feelings with Sam Lake’ where I chat to funny people about specific things that get them all kinds of emotional.

Sam Lake: ‘Aspiring DILF’ comes to Monkey Barrel Edinburgh 6pm Sat 24 Feb 2024 and The Stand, Glasgow 8:30pm Thu 4 Apr 2024.