Dive is a queer cabaret and performance night in Edinburgh. The “anything-goes” night started back in 2013 and has now found itself at the Traverse Theatre bar on a Sunday afternoon just a few days before Halloween. The event is being presented as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.

Miss Annabel Sings is the host and the event has the interesting theme of Horrific Blind Date. 4pm may seem like an early time to start a party but that’s not going to stop Dive from presenting a Spooky disco with DJ Count Matt Gloss. The music and party vibe is followed by a short set from queer punk performer Ste McCabe, who is performing for the very first time under the name Saint McCabe. He has just released his debut self titled EP and plays a selection of songs from this release. McCabe performs in front of a screen on which motion graphics and videos are projected and the engaging visuals and expressive music work well together.

Just after 6pm the main show begins and Miss Annabel Sings takes to the stage in her own unique style. She introduces the audience to the Dive family of performers and then conducts a lengthy and hilarious seance to bring back the spirit of much missed entertainer Cilla Black. The show has a spooky Blind Date theme and Cilla’s presence is very much felt throughout the evening. Music, comedy and audience interaction are all part of a Dive Queer Party and Miss Annabel Sings endearing and open stage presence causes the audience to instantly warm to her. Our host takes no time in getting the party started where we witness a Drag Queen Blind Date, an anatomy lesson to present the genetic make up of the performer Mankenstein and also the highlight of the event, a short and hilarious performance from the Porn Choir. This duo perform tranquil and gentle hymns in which the lyrics are different genres of pornography. It is funny, peculiar and very much in keeping with the diverse and bizarre Dive Queer Party vibe.

The Miss Annabel Sings Show is a spontaneous and enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening. The Traverse Bar is the perfect venue and the friendly and boisterous host does a fantastic job in making the audience feel part of the madcap and unpredictable party. The Traverse presents another Dive Queer Party on Sunday 3 December. This event is titled Camp as Xmas Cabaret Pantomime Variety Show Spectacular on Ice. It promises to be another fun and adventurous show.