Little Death Club is a stunning collection of talented circus acts, musicians and comedians laced with biting wit and joyful sexuality.

The usual conventions of cabaret are all present: a charismatic host in the form of Bernie Dieter, song, drag and circus acts but they are set up and conducted in a fresh and modern way. Each performance is injected with personality and humour which invigorates the show.

Live music performed by a three piece band varies from synth to jazz trumpet and drum-heavy rock and all genres are performed with equal style and panache. The band add to the atmosphere and make the experience more immersive, perfectly complimenting Bernie’s impressive vocals.

Dieter ties the show together seamlessly.  From her songs to roaming into the audience she is charming, captivating and entirely entertaining.

Bawdy songs about emojis and unsolicited dick pics are relevant and original, blending politics and insights about technology and harassment with light-hearted satirical comedy.

Every act is diverse and the change between performances keeps the tone and pace fresh, although they are all different a vein of playful tongue-in-cheek humour and daring feats whether it be a risky joke, nudity or dramatic fire breathing create an overall tone and atmosphere that is cohesive and constantly surprising.

This atmosphere is built through the audience interaction on multiple occasions. It is never aggressive or uncomfortable but serves to promote the show’s message of celebrating diversity and losing boundaries.

The circus acts in particular are stunning. Hula-hooping, trapeze and fire-breathing feature and are all equally impressive with daring tricks and stunts that combine sleazy sexuality with well-crafted skill.

There are some long breaks between performers and some acts go on slightly too long and thus lose their impact but with the amount of props and the diversity between acts these are understandable issues.

Little Death Club sets out with a mission of celebrating difference and through wit, bravado and a host of charismatic and talented performers it more than achieves this goal, creating an evening of outrageous hilarity.