Starlight Musical Theatre create an exciting and professional stage show which captures the attention of every member of the audience, both young and old, with witty one-liners, fascinating costumes and energetic dance routines.

There is nothing amateur about this performance. From the very beginning, when a fairy overhears the woes of the two young leads, the audience are transported into the colourful and enchanting story of Shrek and Fiona. A modern fairy tale in itself, Shrek: The Musical encompasses many fairy tale favourites whilst also introducing new friends and stories. Shrek travels to Duloc in search of Fiona and as their feelings grow, and their adventures increase, they realise that they maybe have more in common than they first thought.

The Dreamworks family favourite is brought to life on the stage with an enjoyable soundtrack.  All of the key characters are present as though they have been lifted from the film itself, with even their voices are imitated with great accuracy. The songs are new and at points catchy, but the inclusion of ‘I’m a Believer’ at the end is the biggest hit. Many of the original jokes are carried over – would Shrek really be the same without ‘The Muffin Man’?

The actors take on the role of the characters with gusto. Pinocchio, with his aspirations to be a real boy, and Lord Farquuad provide some of the best of laughs – it’s amazing how often you can guffaw at a ‘pair of legs’. Donkey too, with his well timed comments and enthusiastic dance moves, leaves the audience giggling away in their seats. Liam MacAskill’s comforting vocals and Amy Atkinson’s powerful finales are impressive but the star of the soloists must go to Amy Louise Lowe as the Dragon who blasts out an incredibly fun and catchy tune, all from behind the scenes. With a mix of approaches and styles the ensemble dance routines, despite needing a little tidying-up at some points, were fun and entertaining.

Costumes and props are as colourful and eye-catching as you would expect from any West End show. The fairy tale creatures ensure your eyes dart across the stage attempting to spot someone or something new. A star in itself, the life size dragon is a well thought out and attention grabbing creation and the glitz and glamour of the ‘human’ Dragon is similarly stunning.

From beginning to end this musical has you enthralled and excited as to what will come next. Great humoured, family entertainment to end the summer on a high.