The well known Eden Court panto rarely disappoints and Snow White is no exception. Smiles are evident from the very start of this classic pantomime. An energetic dance routine to Uptown Funk opens the show and the live band continue to engage the audience with lively and atmospheric music throughout. The confidently performed soundtrack includes renditions from well known pop songs whilst also featuring classics from musical theatre, a stand out being No Good Deed from the Broadway musical Wicked.

The story lacks depth (understandable as this is panto) and can be slow. However, the somewhat hilarious comedy from Dolly Mixture and Jingles the Jester has the whole audience, at some points, in a real fit of giggles. Dolly’s quick wit and genuine enjoyment for the role shows throughout the performance and the local jokes and subtle innuendos keep all ages amused.

The main characters of Snow White, Prince Michael and, of course, the Wicked Queen are all acted with enthusiasm and gusto. An obvious clash between the sweetness of Snow White and the Wicked Queen’s evil cackle make boo-ing a must! There are ample opportunities for audience participation and the inclusions of Pantomime classics such as The Twelve Days of Christmas, custard pies and the obligatory action song to end the show have everyone singing and cheering along.

Costumes are well thought out, particularly those of the woodland animals which are brought to life by characteristic movements and gestures. A much more unique take on costume is the seven dwarves. With fabulous facial expressions, echoing characters from the 1986 film Labyrinth, each dwarf is controlled by a cast member. This quirky and entertaining puppetry adds another dimension to what otherwise are standard pantomime costumes.

Looking around, everyone appears relaxed. The characters are clearly having a blast on stage and this filters into the audience. Young or old, you’ll be singing along by the end, scrubbing, dusting and laughing away.