Brunton Theatre

11 - 12 November 2022
Enough of Him
Gripping exploration of rank racism in little known episode of Scotland's history
Reviewed here

1 October 2022
Time's Plague
David Hayman delivers beautiful lyricism as he put the world to rights
Reviewed at Eden Court

4 June 2022
A Number
Rapture Theatre delivers a powerful exploration of grief, anguish, and family dynamics
Reviewed at Eden Court

26 March 2022
Stand By
Immersive drama offers an authentic portrayal of policing in Scotland
Reviewed at Eden Court

20 September 2019
Clybourne Park
A rapturous dance around the Monopoly board
Reviewed at Eden Court

11 May 2019
The Red Lion
Much more than a matchday melodrama, Patrick Marber's football play receives a fine Scottish debut
Reviewed here

2 - 3 November 2018
The Naked Truth
Very much of its type, but positivity-through-pole-dancing tale proves good fun
Reviewed here

27 October 2018
A missed opportunity to delve deeper into the psyche of hoarders.
Reviewed here

28 September 2018
McLuckie's Line
Tale of a racing man turned actor displays heart and soul
Reviewed here

5 May 2018
The Monster & Mary Shelley
Fascinating and hilarious contemporary look back at Mary Shelley's creation of Frankenstein.
Reviewed at Tron Theatre

27 April 2018
Double Feature
Funny yet moving ode to the good old days of the cinema
Reviewed at Gilded Balloon @ Rose Theatre

26 - 28 April 2018
Sweeney Todd
Captivate Theatre breathes life into the gaunt barber of Fleet Street
Reviewed here

21 April 2018
Dad's Army Radio Hour
Seabright Productions' creative adaptation keeps the cherished sitcom's legacy alive.
Reviewed here

31 March 2018
Ortonesque tragi-comic shut-in by Grid Iron and Stellar Quines is hilarious and thought-provoking.
Reviewed at Assembly Hall

22 - 23 March 2018
What The Butler Saw
Quirky Pond give Joe Orton's ridiculously inappropriate farce an outing.
Reviewed here

25 February 2017
A Life With The Beatles
[Rating:4/5] An enjoyable look at the Beatles' career through the eyes of road manager, Neil Aspinall.
Reviewed at -SELECT VENUE-

27 January 2017
Black Beauty
Intertextual mischief with a classic puts the rest out to pasture
Reviewed at Traverse Theatre

28 November 2017 - 6 January 2018
Beauty and the Beast
Not much for the adults but lighthearted pantomime keeps the kids happy
Reviewed here

5 - 8 April 2017
Slightly reminiscent of a school production, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless
Reviewed here

11 March 2017
The Cause of Thunder
A meandering but entertaining meditation on the ways in which the world has changed since Brexit.
Reviewed at Tron Theatre

22 October 2016
The Modern Prometheus lives once more in Blackeyed Theatre's touring adaptation
Reviewed here

10 October 2016
Invisible Army
Terra Incognita give a sensitive and imaginative exposition of the life of young carers.
Reviewed at Eden Court

5 October 2016
The Collector
Horrors and humanity of occupied Iraq brought vividly to life
Reviewed here

30 September 2016
The Course of True Love
Romantic and international relations dilemmas play out in a plush hotel room.
Reviewed here

7 April 2018 - Invalid Date
Little Light
The lingering impression is one of wonder in Vision Mechanics' latest.
Reviewed at Eden Court