Caroline Cawley

Caroline has lived in Edinburgh for over a decade and has previously studied history, film and literature at university. Caroline loves sci-fi, fantasy and anything to do with books... the weirder the better. An avid theatre goer, she is up for anything and always looks forward to the Fringe.
16 articles

Boris: Live at Five

A decent impression of Boris Johnson that fails to answer any questions or land any jokes

25 August 2022


An unnerving experience excellently performed

23 August 2022

Frog's Legs

Bizarre and confusing shenanigans ensue when a local pub is turned into a 'pub-themed cafe'

16 August 2019


Ambitious dark comedy of strangers stranded in an airport

13 August 2019

My Mum's a Twat

A muddled solo show about losing your mum to a cult

9 August 2019