Eleanor Price

Eleanor has had a diverse career, having been at varying times a milk maid, tour guide, bond analyst and parliamentary candidate. A fringe-goer for over 30 years, she realises that you've never seen it all and there is always potential for delightful surprises.
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Love, Loss and Chianti

Christopher Reid's exquisitely written reflection on loss beautifully performed by Robert Bathurst and Rebecca Johnson

10 August 2022

An Inspector Calls

Twenty-seven years on, Stephen Daldry's production is still enthralling

9 October 2019


Decisions, decisions. Every day we make 35,000 of them...

25 August 2019


Powerful and raw: a theatrical punch in the guts

17 August 2019

Cello on Fire

An unusual and exciting program showcases the cello's versatility

3 August 2019

Green Book

A gentle road-trip film that highlights deeper issues

18 February 2019