Irene Brown

Irene has been reviewing in Edinburgh and beyond before and since her retiral during which time she was a CATS panel member for 6 years. When not reviewing, she takes to the rails round Europe and mooches about galleries and arthouse cinemas.
15 articles

Round the Horne

A superb tribute to the golden age of satirical comedy

31 January 2022


Oceanallover deals an ace with their Manipulate offering

4 February 2020


A promising work let down by its indoor venue

4 February 2020

The Stornoway Way

Dogstar Theatre Company brings Gaelic storytelling to the stage

13 October 2019

Number One Fan

A misogynistic columnist leaves a jilted wife seeking revenge in this twisted dark comedy

18 September 2019

La Galerie

Bizarre narrative takes the shine off the accomplished circus feats

15 August 2019

The Desk

World-class physical theatre stuns

11 August 2019