Matthew Keeley

Fringe Sub-Editor
Matthew is a writer and teacher who studied English Literature and Film and TV at the University of Glasgow. His queer coming-of-age novel, The Stone in My Pocket, was published in 2021, and he is the host of The Traidar: A Traitors Podcast. Matthew is also a cat person.
248 articles

The King and I

Classic, family-friendly musical theatre that will reliably please

17 May 2023

Little Bone Lodge

Shapeshifting horror excites with twists but would benefit from trimming

13 March 2023


Psychological horror is generally engaging but underdeveloped in some areas

12 March 2023

Mother Superior

Visually rich gothic horror loses its initial grip

12 March 2023

MANIPULATE: Arthropoda

Clunky dialogue and strange shifts in tone taint the impressive physical feats

6 February 2023

MANIPULATE: Animated Womxn

Captivating short film collection showcases varied animation styles and the voices of women around the world

6 February 2023

Crocodile Rock

Joyful musical chronicles a teenage boy's discovery of drag

3 October 2022