Sally Roberts

Sally is a literature student living in Edinburgh interested in all things to do with films, music and books. In her spare time she writes reviews, poetry and short stories.
43 articles

Moko Jumbie

Stunning film explores life in Trinidad

2 July 2018


A terrible accident pushes father and son to the edge

2 July 2018

The Devil Outside

Provoking and disturbing film asks questions about Christianity

29 June 2018


Brutally tense thriller set in the Scottish Highlands

24 June 2018

Pushkar Myths

A dreamily shot documentary presents the wonders of the Pushkar fair

23 June 2018


Dazzling thriller set entirely on screens

23 June 2018

Mug (Twarz)

Polish drama about the struggles of a face transplant

21 June 2018

C'est la vie!

French stress comedy brings both tension and hilarity

20 June 2018