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Freelance writer.. comedy lover and reviewer.. singer and improv comedy performer. Keen on all things immersive. Based in Edinburgh.
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Deeply compelling and well-crafted expose of sexual harassment at Fox News is universally relevant

3 February 2020


An epic soundtrack and Mendes' stunning single-shot style elucidates the horrors and humanity of WWI

13 January 2020

By the Grace of God

Powerful piece surrounding the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic church and those seeking justice

27 October 2019


Humbling documentary film echoes society's global disease

16 September 2019

Christianity and Me

Accessible, reverent and very funny stand-up on a subversive topic

26 August 2019

James Bran: Hack

Eye-opening and thought-provoking comedy questioning tech ethics

22 August 2019

Vikki Stone: Song Bird

Escapist joyous musical comedy with explosive laughs and moments of profundity

18 August 2019